Friday, December 30, 2011

The end of the CTC

Earlier this week we officially closed the CTC! There has not been a cholera case in over 3 weeks! So, we praise God for staying the sickness, and allowing us to focus on other things...

Because of the Clinic Rebuild project, we have turned the CTC into a temporary clinic. Everyone has been helping clean it up and transport medical supplies to the new location.

A pile of "junk" from an extra store room nearby the CTC.
This had to be emptied to accommodate the surplus medical supplies.

Everyone is pitching in the get things ready for the clinic move.

Anita, cleaning out the soon-to-be pharmacy.

Transforming from a CTC into a clinic.

We plan to have the clinic re-opened by the 6th of January.

Sinks and cupboards...

Michael and Anita discuss some finer points of detail.

Thea cleans out some shelving for the pharmacy.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

A hard IV, and a boy released!

Warm greetings to all from Haiti!

Things continue to happen at the CTC, as one boy and lady came in yesterday.

The boy was pretty bad and we had a hard time finding a vein and getting the IV started once we did. Thea worked at it for about half an hour, finally finding success. He was able to be released this afternoon though, he improved so much. That was a blessing.

The lady that is in right now continues to improve slowly. We expect her to be released tomorrow sometime.

This little boy's vein's were very difficult to get an IV into.
Thea worked at it on one arm...
To no avail.
So, she tried the other arm... 
Finally, after about half an hour, she was able to get one in.
Praise the Lord!

Friday, November 25, 2011

A few more people...

As you probably speculated, the last two weeks have been very good for the Cholera Treatment Center. We have been attempting to re-direct the non-serious cases to another CTC nearby, while accepting those that are too sick to make it there. It has been working out very well, since there has been basically no one coming.

The other day, however, we had several more serious cases come in, prompting us to admit them and give treatment.

Please continue your prayers for the people around here. They need to see the light of the Gospel and to be healed, not just from their physical sickness, but the soul-sickness which has kept them in bondage for years...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another empty day!

Another quick update...

Nothing's happening! Again, today, we have no one in the CTC! Not even people in observation!

Thanks for your prayers!!

Empty and cleaned cots leaned up, drying...

One of the guards sits idly, waiting for some action :)

More cots leaning up against the EMPTY observation tent!
Praise the Lord!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Just a quick note:

This morning I walked out to take some pictures of the CTC patients and encountered Virginia, doing laundry, out on the porch. When I asked her who all was in the CTC she replied,

"Nobody! It's empty! The two that were in last night went home and the one in observation is set to go any time."

So I went into the CTC yard to see for myself... sure enough, there was nobody around except the guard, and the lady that was in observation had left already!

So we're all empty! Praise God! We know from past experience that people could start flooding in at any time, but for now we are cholera free :)

Thank you all for your prayers! What a blessing it is to see God working through you and your prayers...

We'll keep you posted if things begin to develop again!