Friday, December 30, 2011

The end of the CTC

Earlier this week we officially closed the CTC! There has not been a cholera case in over 3 weeks! So, we praise God for staying the sickness, and allowing us to focus on other things...

Because of the Clinic Rebuild project, we have turned the CTC into a temporary clinic. Everyone has been helping clean it up and transport medical supplies to the new location.

A pile of "junk" from an extra store room nearby the CTC.
This had to be emptied to accommodate the surplus medical supplies.

Everyone is pitching in the get things ready for the clinic move.

Anita, cleaning out the soon-to-be pharmacy.

Transforming from a CTC into a clinic.

We plan to have the clinic re-opened by the 6th of January.

Sinks and cupboards...

Michael and Anita discuss some finer points of detail.

Thea cleans out some shelving for the pharmacy.

If you would like to keep up with the clinic, click the "Gospel to Haiti Website" link on the bar above, and follow the links to the Clinic Blog.

If you'd like to follow the Clinic Rebuild project, go to


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